Welcome to Craft 4.0

Turnkey IoT Solutions

IoT as a Service

Craft 4.0 can create, IoT based Apps or simply Conventional IoT for your business model, vision, or idea.

IoT Devices

We can engineer and produce IoT devices, and respective embedded system, delivering it at different operational readiness: Prototype, PoC, MVP or Product.

Manufacture Hardware

PCB Assembly

Craft 4.0 can produce your electronic design, and even create your prototype using 3D Printing and Laser Cutting machinery. 
Send us your design/model and we will deliver you the correspondent product.


Craft 4.0 will deliver any type of PCB that you require for your project.

Who we are

Our passion for creating IoT solutions gave birth to Craft 4.0, an IoT Development HuB, that has a unique in-house capabilities, from engineering to manufacturing, which allow us to convert any Business idea into an IoT solution. 

We can, deliver you the PCBs for your project, manufacture the Electronic Devices (PCBs Assemblies) that you have engineered, design and produce the IoT device that you required for your business, and create a entire new IoT as a Service based on your business idea.

Craft 4.0 is a European IoT Development HuB, based in Portugal.

Our Mission

Does your Business Vision requires a technological disruption based on IoT?!  Then, Your Vision is Our Mission!

At Craft 4.0, we’ll guide you across different technological dimensions in a seamless digital transformation experience, crafting unique IoT solutions, to deliver the best system to support your Business.